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Safe Departure Procedures
In order to streamline our end of the day safe departure, the following procedures will now be followed at dismissal time.

3:10 p.m.       - bell rings – students are dismissed

3:13 p.m.       - walkers will be dismissed from school grounds

3:15 p.m.       - students riding on buses will proceed to bus

3:20 p.m.       - buses depart

3:23 p.m.       - students being picked up by parents/daycare, etc. will be dismissed
                        - students riding bicycles will be dismissed

These changes will take effect beginning on Monday, May 16, 2016.  Times are approximate as they will obviously vary depending on weather conditions (snow suits, boots, etc.).  The major change is that students that walk to and from school will be leaving the school grounds before the buses depart.  Parents picking their children up will still meet them in the front foyer as per the current procedures.  Thank you for helping us keep our children safe!